Ipswich political web presence; FAIL.

Further to our story earlier in the week about Ben Gummer’s non existent website, we were pointed in the direction of the Ipswich Liberal Democrat website, with a comment pointing out that they hadn’t put up a new story (save tweets) since 24th July.

Once we took a look at the Ipswich Lib Dems site, we decided to look at Ipswich Conservatives, which now redirects you to a volunteer sign up page on the main national site. Given the Ipswich Tories and Ipswich Lib Dems are “working together in the Borough’s interest” they really should be showing the voters what they’ve been doing “in their interest” over the last few years.

Ipswich Labour, however, are getting something right. They are showing they are capable of using the digital world to show how they are effective in opposition. Their website is regularly updated, with local and national stories. Whilst it is true that Ipswich Labour Party have some talented web designers within the local party, so do the Tories and the Lib Dems. Mark Dyson’s website was the only good thing about his campaign, truly effective and very well put together (if a little busy on the eye).

As for the minor parties, only the Ipswich Green Party has been regularly updating their site, with the latest article regarding “Ipswich fit for the 21st Century” transport plans dated 26th October. Perhaps surprisingly UKIP do not have local websites, less surprisingly the “New Party” seems to have folded and Dr Bright’s Liberal Party has no more news of a resurgence in this area.

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23 Responses

  1. Ipswich Tories and Ipswich Lib Dems support Iceni in the interest of vulnerable people in the borough while Labour uses its website to say it supports Iceni to blame the Tories for the present situation in the interest of thier party.

    Ben Gummers Website says that Ben would he Emperor last night and he was. That’s quite up to date if you ask me.

    Mark Dyson’s website was truly effective? 8,556 votes.

    • Dyson’s website was pretty but it wasn’t that effective, as pretty websites often aren’t. It also took ages to get up, I remember that the Spy was complaining about that (I was too).

  2. Archive can be viewed from here: http://www.bengummer.com/aboutben.php content up to about July time. Just he has stopped updating and changed the homepage. Anyone know the 01473 number to call him? He gives an 0845 one.

    • It’s 01473 232 883

  3. Riverside View
    How could we believe that Ben would be in The Emperor? His also states: ‘My website is currently being redeveloped and will be back online within a fortnight.’

    Well I first noticed that statement on his site at the start of November- and I always thought a fortnight was 14 days!!

  4. Good point Alasdair. Anyway, it’s got addresses, phone numbers, EMail address and the next surgery date. What else do you want to know? How many eggs he had for breakfast?

  5. We would like to know where the surgery’s are to be held? Can you turn up without phoning? How do you find your MP if you have no internet, does he have an Ipswich Office number (01473)? Can you pop into his office at any time? Would have expected local Conservatives to be putting out leaflets in each ward giving us that information! Will he be holding a surgery in Ipswich wards away from the twon centre? (Cris Mole held then at Chantry Housing Office (closed by Tories/Lib dems0 and a number of other community centres/shops in throughout Ipswich.
    Chloe Smith the Tory MP for Norwich (who Gummer beat to be Ipswich candidate) has an up to date Facebook page and host’s a surgery with Tory Cllrs in local shops in Norwich – pity she was not chosen by the open Primary (oh now I remember, she was the only candidate asked questions on abortion- she had no hope)

    • Your memory is not playing too well Master Ross, age related I’m sure. According to a previous blog they decided to ask three of the four candidates the same questions, so the abortion question came up three times, Smith, George and Gummer. Not once. There were two pro-life answers and one pro abortion one. Ben Gummer’s was far the more tepid of the pro-life answers.

      It was simple. Chloe Smith failed to impress. I hear that you were boasting to some comrades that the Tories had fluffed it with Ben Gummer and should have gone for Samantha George, and that Mole was safe. How did that work out?

      Again your memory may be unreliable, but your comrade’s memory seemed to be be crystal clear. Personally I think they should have blamed Mole and not you.

    • I refuse to contact an 0845 number. I don’t have BT where the number is local rate. Calling from a mobile will be expensive.

      Anyone know his 01473 number?

      • Do you know how to Email?

      • 01473 232 883

      • Yes, I know how to email. I emailed him asking for the number at around 2pm. I got the following response and an out of office message.

        Thank you for your e-mail.

        This acknowledgement has been trigged electronically and means that your e-mail has been received by my office.

        All correspondence that I receive is prioritised and treated with equal importance whether it is received by e-mail or by post. Therefore, please do not be disappointed if you do not receive an immediate reply.

        You may know that there is a strict Parliamentary protocol that means that MPs may only act on behalf of their own constituents. Please ensure you have included your full name, postal address and telephone number in your e-mail. This will help me deal with your communication more effectively and you will receive a reply in due course. Without these details it will not be possible to reply.

        Best wishes

        BEN GUMMER
        Member of Parliament for Ipswich
        House of Commons
        SW1 A 0AA

        0845 634 9197

        MPs get a budget so they can employ staff. They should be down in Ipswich so there is always someone to contact in office hours. Seems not to be the case.

        Thanks for the number! How did you find it?

      • Having had reason to have email correspondence with a number of MPs over time, I think you will find that most MPs have this type of automatic response, simply because of the volume of email they receive during each day. Ipswich Spy knows for a fact that there Mr Gummer has a staffed office in Ipswich. There is always something to contact during office hours.

  6. What I do remember from the Primary (I attended it) was that they soon realised that having someone on a sofa asking different questions to each candidate was not going to work after it became quite obvious that there were a number of Pro life people in the room. trouble was they did not change it till after a number of candidates had already been questioned. Not sure they will be keen to hold an Open Primary again in the future.
    But the point was that Chloe Smith is easier to get hold of than Ben Gummer. Either via internet, or surgery not sure though to be fair to Ben if she spends every Friday night in a local pub!

    • By “a number of candidates” you mean “one” (from your previous blog on this, injuries from teaching rugby to spoilt posh kids harming your memory Master Ross?)

  7. Ben now states that he has had over 1,000 bits of case work since May, and they have missed some before his office was up and working?? Just think how many more he might have with an office in the town, open surgery , an Ipswich phone number and an up to date website- 2-3,000?

    • He deals with more people than Mole did, as you know. After all Ben doesn’t refuse to meet constituents because he “could never agree with them” and there “would be no point” (pro-lifers, no wonder they were angry). I take it from your dismissive comments you view them as unworthy of having an opinion, unless they care about foxes.

  8. I’m wondering when Ipswich Labour’s website is going to update us with an apology for callously frightening vulnerable Ipswich mothers into voting for them by posting an article about Hattie’s visit, claiming the Tories were going to close lots of Sure Start Centres.

    • a riverside view- what about these promises:
      David Cameron, 6/1/10: “We’ve looked at EMAs … no, we don’t have any plans to get rid of them.”
      Gove, 2/3/10: “Ed Balls keeps saying we’re committed to scrapping EMA. I have never said this. We won’t

      Apology on the way to all 6th Form pupils this morning?

      And what about poor Prince William, just got engaged now your telling him his job is going as you privatise the air sea rescue service!

  9. Private provision of normally public services doesn’t mean that jobs need to go, as anyone who works in “an” Ipswich School should know.

  10. [...] updated his website, Suffolk, Conservatives haven’t updated their website recently., Tories and Lib Dems haven’t updated their websites lately. and Ipswich Tories finally have an interim site and any other uninteresting story that show that [...]

  11. [...] updated his website, Suffolk, Conservatives haven’t updated their website recently., Tories and Lib Dems haven’t updated their websites lately. and Ipswich Tories finally have an interim site by clicking a [...]

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