Labour echo campaigners call to save libraries

Labour have recently put an article on their website which echoes the blogpost from Alasdair Ross which was published on 5th February. This is rather odd, because the article on the Labour party website claims it was put online on 5th February, yet it wasn’t there late Wednesday night (or very early Thursday morning) when this site was checked by an Ipswich Spy.

The article talks about the campaign to save Rosehill, Westbourne and Stoke libraries from closures mooted by the Tory administration at Suffolk County Council, telling readers that Labour have delivered 15000 leaflets across 12 of the 16 borough wards. The four wards they haven’t delivered to are Gipping, Gainsborough, Sprites and St Margarets. Since Gainsborough and Chantry libraries are not on the closure list, it is understandable why these are not included. Unfortunately for Labour the inclusion of St Margarets in the list of wards they haven’t campaigned in shows that this campaign is political expedience – since Westbourne Library is actually (technically) in St Margarets ward – although the houses on Sherrington Road are in Castle Hill ward. Given the number of Labour councillors who live in St Margarets ward whilst representing poorer areas of town, we remain mystified why they don’t seem to know this…

Why the Labour party are trying to suggest their website was more up to date than it was remains a mystery, although this might have something to do with it. What makes it really strange is that Councillor Alasdair Ross had indeed written his article contemporaniously and the leaflets had been delivered in the run up to the national Save our Libraries day.

Ipswich Spy is enthused by reports that one local blog that is generally Tory supporting has been in talks with someone who may be interested in running Westbourne library, which will make the Lib Dem organised meeting all the more interesting. If you want to know more, go along to Westbourne library tonight, the meeting starts at 7.30pm but if you get there just after 7pm you will be able to get a cup of tea or coffee!

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