Tory web revival showcases former leader

Former Borough Council leader Liz Harsant doesn’t only have a new column for the Evening Star, she is also the star of the majority of articles on the revived Ipswich Conservatives website. Cllr Harsant stood down as Tory group leader after the election and was replaced by Cllr John Carnall, but it seems nobody told the new webmasters running the Tory news sites; 8 of the 10 articles listed on the Local News page refer to Holywells ward or Liz Harsant.

Ipswich Spy understands this isn’t some secret plot by the Salisbury Road set to seize back control of the Tories in Ipswich, more a case of a hard working councillor actually sending in articles and showing up all her colleagues in the process.

When the website made a comeback a few weeks ago, Ipswich Spy was quite disparaging about the way several articles were written at once, rather than drip fed to the public to keep the site up to date. Since then we feel we have been slightly unfair, since the site is kept updated more frequently than that of Labour or the other parties – Labour are the only other party who produce any articles at all, with the Lib Dems not updating their site since before the election in May.

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4 Responses

  1. What absolute waffle!

  2. Too many local and Parliamentary politicians are writing for Archant. Archant has a monopoly on printed news locally and is the only local newspaper IBC can place the announcements it has to place and pay for.
    In light of the News International developments this situation must be addressed hopefully by a referal to the monopolies commission.


    • Many local and Parliamentary politicians are writing for Archant because their journalists aren’t doing anything but sending pointless FOI’s.

  3. [...] We can ascertain that this is a lie because of the fact that Liz Harsant is constantly working in HolywellsA Fact that even Labour supporting Ipswich Spy acknowledges [...]

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