Labour action on ASB in Gipping

Labour’s Borough Council leader, Gipping Ward councillor David Ellesmere, expressed his support for changes to policing priorities for the South West of the town, after he called for more attention to “boy racers” who cause disturbance in West End road car park and the surrounding streets.

A recent Area Tasking meeting, attended by police and councillors, decided to focus more on the “double-Ds” after the concerns of residents were raised by Cllr Ellesmere. The Area Tasking Meetings decide what the policing priorities will be. They take evidence from crime stats, and requests from members of the public and councillors.

Cllr Ellesmere told Ipswich Spy: “I have raised the issue of boy racers on the “double-Ds” a number of times with the police following complaints by residents. Any solution to this problem will involve the police and the council working together through the use of enforcement action, identifying physical measures to stop access to West End Road car park (while still allowing operation for legitimate car park users) and by trying to identify an alternative site where people who want to “show off” their cars can safely congregate without causing a nuisance.”

He added: “I am glad that this issue is now a Safer Neighbourhood Team priority as this means more police time will be devoted to the enforcement work.”

Cllr Ellesmere also expressed his support for a Chantry newsagent whose family had been terrorised by local yobs. Hirenkumar Patel, who runs and lives above Lavender News in Lavender Hill, raised serious concerns at a meeting of the South West Area Committee, and police officers followed up catching the offenders and bringing them to court.

Cllr Ellesmere told Ipswich Spy: “I’m extremely pleased that the court has granted a restraining order. The police have put a lot of effort into trying to stop the harassment but at times progress has been agonisingly slow. Hopefully Mr Patel and his family can now get back to running their business and living a normal life.”

Meanwhile Sergeant Darren Oxbrow told the Ipswich Star: “Anti-social behaviour is an issue that police take very seriously as it can have such a significant impact on the lives of people within a community.

“Officers have worked closely with residents to address this specific problem through increased patrols, partnership agency working and the utilisation of CCTV in the area.

“We encourage anyone who is experiencing anti-social behaviour to report it to police and not suffer in silence. To report a problem you can call 101 and ask to be put through to your local safer neighbourhood team.”

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3 Responses

  1. Most people effected by ASB in the area of the Double D’s are not residents. Ellesmere didn’t seem bothered about ASB in Lavender Hill here. What’s he doing about it on Triangle?

    Also, on the new priority I scooped you here.

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  3. [...] is stupid because with such bias articles as this by Thick Nick on the Ipswich Lie blog it is more Labour than the dRoss Blog [...]

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