Tory twitter luddites look even more daft

Ipswich Tories are still insisting that a backbench Labour councillor shouldn’t tweet during council meetings because it means he isn’t properly representing the people of his ward or showing the respect deserved by the Mayor and whoever is speaking at the time.

Maybe they’d like to have a little chat with Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt who was caught on camera using his mobile phone in the chamber of the House of Commons. The rules of the House of Commons allow members to tweet from the chamber, and it would seem this is what Mr Hunt was doing.

Fifteen minutes after this tweet was sent, Guido Fawkes journalist Harry Cole tweeted this photo, suggesting Mr Hunt was texting. We suspect he was tweeting…

The fact Ipswich MP Ben Gummer was tweeting during an opposition debate on the LIBOR scandal didn’t stop Ipswich Tories saying tweets should be banned during council meetings. Maybe the actions of their own Secretary of State for Health will persuade them they are on a vote loser here.

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2 Responses

  1. as I inserted in your previous post about this
    The difference here is that we only have to attend the council once a month. its not much to ask to refrain for just a little while. Mayors in the (not too distant) past have insisted that mobiles be turned off during council. Tweeting afterwards is surely ok too. And no I do not want it banned during council. I think that decision rests with the individual. I would also like to point out that our group leader Cllr Carnall is very relaxed about our use of social media stating that its on our own heads if it goes wrong so you see we are not against it, even as a group, just some of us think council should be about debating and listening, then communicating back. If residents want to know whats going on, they should attend and hear the whole debate rather than snippets taken out of context. I will repeat this in your new post!

  2. Not much to write about this week is there Mr Redsell?

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