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  1. Happy New Year! For anyone who has woken up thinking they need to lose a bit of weight the local David Lloyd Club (Ransome’s Europark) is running a Lose and Shape Up course starting Jan 23rd.

    I lost 10lbs in the run-up to Christmas and am going to re-enrol for the next one: it’s about long-term re-education of habits rather than the quick fix hype which tends to be promoted in magazine articles.

    I have been a member there for 7 years and it really has transformed my life in terms of energy and stamina and earning power because I’ve been able to maintain my nursing career and do 14 hour shifts etc. Have also been taking my little grand-daughter there as there’s the soft play area and an aquarium which she loves and plenty of space to run around in outside.

    This is my personal “help-the-aged” (ie myself) plan! As the Govt gives less and less support to pensioners and those needing continuous care it behoves us to stay out of hospital as long as possible.

    I know some people can feel intimidated by the gym set-up; it’s easy to imagine that you can’t go unless you are super fit already so if anyone would like a gym buddy for the first couple of sessions let me know. All new members get a gym induction but it can still be nice to have a bit of company while you settle in.

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